Water Crystals We've long touted Water Crystals for their awesome ability to become Smelly Jelly.  Smelly Jelly is, with out a doubt, the cheapest, fastest way to add an awesome product to your line, that smells great and has a "no fuss" quality.

These crystals are completely biodegradable, and you can rejuvenate them several times. Just add more water! They last for months.

You may have already tried them, (if not, here's your chance), but what you may not know is what their "real" purpose is.  Water crystals are used in agriculture to help retain moisture!

Last year, we tested this out and had the most beautiful flower boxes we've ever had!  This year, we thought we would share our secret!  Since temperatures seem to just be getting hotter, and many of you live in water restricted areas, these are just the item for you.

Simply mix a tablespoon of water crystals in each gallon of soil you use.  Mix it in really good, so it is evenly distributed.  Then just pot your flowers and water.  The crystals will swell (it looks a little funky in the soil, kind of like crushed ice).  But the crystals will help hold moisture.  Over time, they will dry out, but you will need to water much less often.  They will regenerate each time you water and continue to provide you plants with much needed moisture.

Get your pack here - each pack will do 4 gallons of soil.

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