Start Kicking Ass With Container Soy Candle Making

Start Kicking Ass With Container Soy Candle Making

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This easy, step-by-step instruction manual from author, candle-maker, and Cierra Candles customer Lisa Lively, Owner of Aggie's LLC, is for anyone wanting to learn how to make soy container candles for profit. Tired of heat guns, sinkholes, wet spots, and other things that totally tick you off when making container soy candles?  This step-by-step single-pour method including specific supplies and recipes Lisa uses in her own business so you can get started immediately with your own success.  With so much misinformation on the internet about candle making, Lisa has cut out many of the variables so you have a clear, precise place to start in this craft. Once you have a solid place to start and feel grounded you’ll be at a better place to grow your own business as you see fit. Warning: This is a detailed guide! (Painfully detailed some might argue).  Within these 66 pages, Lisa promises to give you all the down and dirty in this business as she knows it. Details on supplies, suppliers, trouble-shooting, learning, and even a little research where applicable. This product-based guide is perfect for those considering candle making as a small business or program fundraiser. Lisa gives you specific information to go forward immediately with your own project and evaluate for yourself if this craft is a viable place for your business or fundraiser.  She shares her mistakes so you can jump ahead to the profit-making in your own venture. And the icing on the cake - this book is written in a light-hearted manner - it will make you chuckle! 


Made in the USA

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