Reusable Exel Curved Tip Syringe

Reusable Exel Curved Tip Syringe

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The perfect soap making tool, when you are doing intricate design work. Fill the syringe with melted soap base (place syringe tip in soap and pull back on the syringe (takes a bit of strength, but works great), then dispense into those nooks and crannies of the soap mold.


You may want to trim the tip of the syringe a little bit to give you more flow. You can snip it with scissors bad 1/8" - 1/4" for better control.

Keep a cup of hot water (microwave to boiling ~1-2 minutes) on hand. Draw the boiling water into the plunger and then expel, repeat until clean. This will help you keep the soap from hardening. Work quickly! Soap sets up pretty fast, so be prepared before you start.

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