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Room Spray Base
Room Spray Base

Room Spray Base

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Room and Linen Spray Base for freshening and scenting any room.
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Easy to use Room and Linen base. To make, simply add fragrance, shake, and spray. Great for misting on linens, pet bedding, cloth in dryer, etc.

Cannot be used directly on skin.

Most of our fragrances will work in this base, but we do recommend individual testing for compatibility.

Please also refer to the individual fragrance IFRA Statement (Category 10B) to determine usage rate compatibility

Add fragrance oil at 3-5%. If cloudiness occurs, dilute with more room spray base. When using on any textiles, test a small amount to make sure the fragrance oil use in the base does not cause discoloration or staining.

Sold in 16 oz and 1 gallon containers.

The ingredient in this room spray base is Carbitol - INCI name is Ethoxydiglycol.

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