To determine if your candle and soap supplies will qualify for free shipping, each product will have a guide after the price of the product: ELIGIBLE FOR FREE SHIPPING: YES -- if it qualifies for free shipping or NO if it does not.

Candle and Soap supplies qualifying for the free shipping will also have: (Eligible for FREE Shipping)

If it reads: (Eligible for FREE Shipping: YES) - then this product will ship for free, if your order total exceeds $125.00. You must be in the contiguous lower 48 US for free shipping to apply

If it does NOT have this on the product page - then this product will NOT ship for free, but it will count towards your $125.00 purchase. Some products, such as wax, additives, soap, salts, and containers are excluded from free shipping, due to their heavy weight. However, it does count towards your $125.00 purchase and you will only be charged for the weight of these types of items, if you are over the $125.00 limit.

Example: You place an order for 5 fragrances and a case of jars. Your total is over $125.00, but the jars do not have free shipping. The shipping price will be calculated based on the weight of the jars only. The fragrances are not calculated in.

Free shipping does not apply for anything other than standard ground shipping via USPS or UPS.  If you want your shipping expedited, then you will need to pay the extra.

If you are over $125, at checkout you will see BEST WAY-FREE, if you select either UPS or USPS. Just choose this method, and your shipping is free!

How to choose the best shipping rate and method:

You will have the opportunity to check your shipping charges at any time during the shopping or checkout.

If you are shopping, add the item you would like to your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart, on the right, under Total, you will see a link: Calculate Shipping. Just click the link, enter your city, choose your state and enter your zip code. You may then choose either USPS, or UPS and check the rates.

If you are in the Checkout process, the shipping options will be listed near the bottom. Be sure to check both USPS, and UPS to see which is cheaper for you. Select the shipping you would like and click the button to select.