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Plastic Votive Molds
Plastic Votive Molds

Plastic Votive Molds

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Clear plastic votive molds to make votive candles. Quantity discounts available

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Polycarbonate plastic votive cups to mold votive candles. Like their metal counterparts, these molds can be used to mold 2 oz sized votive candles. They are slightly different size than the metal votive cups - these are 2 1/16" x 1-3/4" at the top (outside measurements).  There is a slight indention in the bottom to hold a 15mm wick tab base.


The advantage to using the plastic votive molds is they will give you a much glossier finish on your votive candles than you can achieve with the metal votive molds.   You can expect to have your votives burn around 15 - 17 hours, if you are using a soy wax.


Your candle should be removed after it is cooled and should not be burned from within the container.  Depending on the wax you are using, these plastic molds can be reused.

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