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NatureWax C-3 Premium Soy Wax Container Wax
NatureWax C-3 Premium Soy Wax Container Wax

NatureWax C-3 Premium Soy Wax Container Wax

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NatureWax C-3  is 100% soy wax for container candles, 125 - 130 °F meltpoint. Excellent scent throw. Comes in easy to use flakes. Can be used in lotion bars and soap.

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NatureWax C-3 is a 100% soy wax. C-3  has a 125 - 130°F meltpoint and should be used for container candles. Super clean burning, very low shrinkage. Comes in easy-to-measure flake.  

NatureWax C3 Review
NatureWax C3 has good adhesion to containers, which can be improved,especially during winter months by heating jars to 70°F. C-3 has an exceptional scent throw with both fragrances and essential oils and a creamy white appearance with some potential to bloom (white frosting) when using dyes. Tops may be uneven and require heat gunning to 1/8" to be smooth. This can be avoided by pouring wax at a higher temperature ~160°F. Wax may also show signs of air bubbles. These can be avoided by minimizing agitation (don't stir too much) and heating the wax to 185°F. NatureWax® C-3 is made from pure 100% soybeans. Candles made with C-3 have a soft creamy appearance and ships well in all climates.


Heat soy wax to 185°F until wax is fully melted, stirring gently periodically. Be sure you do not heat your wax too high, it can cause yellowing after cooling. Add fragrance oil and color.  Stir very gently for two minutes.  Allow soy wax to cool to ~160°F and pour. This is recommended to give the best glass adhesion, fewer bubbles and smoother tops. 

NatureWax C3 fragrance load
If you are using our fragrances, you can use up to 5 - 10% fragrance load or 1 oz - 1-1/2 oz of fragrance per pound of NatureWax C-3, which works out to be 2 - 3 T of fragrance per pound.     

We recommend you use HTP wicks with this wax for optimal results. We also recommend you upsize your HTP wicks to the next size. So, for instance, if your jar is 3" in diameter, chose a wick for a 3 1/2" container.  This wax tends to burn slowly so a stronger wick is required to achieve full melting pool.

This wax can be used in lotion bars and massage oils, if skin safe fragrances or essential oils are used. 

   For complete instructions on using Nature Wax c3 soy wax container candles please see our How to Article: Candle Making Instructions: How To Make Container Candles

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