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LX 8 Prewaxed Tealight Wicks

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Pre-tabbed prewaxed LX wicks. 1" long- used for votives and small containers.
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LX 8 Prewaxed Wicks

Length: 1" long
Tab Size: 15mm
ROC: 0.15 oz/hr

The LX wick is a uniquely braided- coreless- flat wick manufactured with stabilizing threads that ensure an optimum burn profile. This allows for a very stable and consistent flame- which minimizes- or eliminates- carbon buildup (mushrooming) while reducing afterglow- smoke and soot.

The LX series of wicks is designed to improve the burning of paraffin and vegetable waxes in pillars as well as containers.  The LX 8 wicks are specifically designed for tealights. 

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