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LX 20 Prewaxed Wicks

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LX-20 Wicks- prewaxed and tabbed. 3" to 3.5" diameter containers. 6" long.
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LX-20 Wicks- prewaxed and tabbed. An excellent wick in paraffin and vegetable-based waxes.


Suggested for 3" to 3.5" diameter containers.

Rate of Consumption: 0.22 oz/hour.

6" long- 20mm tab.


The LX wick is a uniquely braided- coreless- flat wick manufactured with stabilizing threads that ensure an optimum burn profile. This allows for a very stable and consistent flame, which minimizes, or eliminates, carbon buildup (mushrooming) while reducing afterglow, smoke and soot.

The LX series of wicks is designed to improve the burning of paraffin and vegetable waxes in pillars as well as containers.

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