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Candlemakers Love Cierra Candles!

Here are just a few of the wonderful comments and "love letters' we've received:

"I have definitely had a great experience with Cierra Candles ... Everything came in tip top shape and I LOVE the fragrances! I will definitely order from Cierra Candles again and again! Thank you guys for being so quick in response and delivery with great products!

Sompath in California

"Thanks for the fast shipping. This was a great experience. I was hoping to find a great candle company to order from. Thanks, I will be back!"

Sherri in Michigan

"My customers LOVE every one of your scents. I had a hard time finding a nice strawberry until I tried your Fresh Strawberries FO! My customers are drooling! Also, your Hazelnut Cappuccino, Coconut Lime and Fresh & Clean are big hits. Your products and service are top notch!!"

Diane in Minnesota

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website!!! It's so easy to use and it looks great! I spend hours browsing and shopping!!!"

Tammy in California

"I really love your fragrance oil choices. They are the best! It's like Christmas when my order arrives. I just love you Cierra Candles....."

Kathy in Idaho

"As a wholesaler, your prices are outstanding. It's companies like yours that keep small companies like mine in business!!"

Natasha in Kentucky

"I place orders with Cierra Candles by phone and online. I have always been very pleased with the products. Chrissy is always very helpful in helping me build a great business for myself. Thank you so much."

Elizabeth in California

"I love your products. I will continue to order from you as you are closer to me than some of the other candle suppliers. I really like your scents. They are just wonderful. Thank you and keep up the great work."

Mickey in California

"It's very easy to place an order on your website - I will be ordering again! Great products and service! Thank you."

Dawn in North Dakota


"I really liked how fast the order got to me and the different selections of stuff you have. I am also loving that your fragrances smell great in the bottle and smell even greater when I am burning the candles. Thanks!"

Sheryl in Kansas

"I love your products! I would refer you to everyone! There is nothing you need to change!"

Tiffany in Ohio

"Great products and super fast shipping!"

Erin in California

"Great website, easy to use and locate merchandise, nice selection and the order was just as expected...prompt, packaged well and all there!"

Nancy in New York

"I have ordered from Cierra Candles MANY times, and I am always VERY pleased with the quality of the products I ordered."

Carolyn in Wisconsin

"Overall, you do an excellent job. We have tested scents from other candle companies, however, they do not compare to yours!!!!!"

Karen in Pennsylvania

"I love the selection of candle supplies. I especially love the selection of colors available."

Machal in Kansas

"The free shipping on orders over $99 really helped!"

Ann in Florida

"Love dealing with your company. Everyone is always courteous and your products are superb! I've tried others and always come back to you."

Faith in Pennsylvania

"First time I ever ordered from Cierra Candles...I was referred by a friend...Everything is great, all the fragrances are spectacular! I will definitely refer people to this site and I will definitely order more from Cierra Candles...Thank you so much..."

Sompath in California

"Great selection, better than the other candle making supply companies. This was my first time, and I'll be ordering from you again! Thanks!"

Krystina in Georgia

"Love your scents! Thank you."

Vann in California


"I love the way your web site is easy to move to exactly what a beginner needs. All the products are up front, no searching for things when you're really not sure what to look for when you're starting out. Thank you for being that way."

Carrie in Arizona

"I really love the square mason jars! (too cute!)"

Teresa in Missouri

"The scents are unbelievable!!!! I am so pleased. I am just getting my business started and it is wonderful to have a supplier that offers both melt and pour soap making supplies and candle supplies as I want to make gift basket type items. I am so glad I found you! I might add that the order came faster than I even expected - faster than YOU even told me when to expect it. You can't beat that!"

Gina in New York

"I am a new candle maker and your website has saved me so much money already. Thanks for all of your help."

Brenda in Illinois

"Everything I get from Cierra Candles is awesome."

Nancy in Kansas

"Excellent variety. Easy to use for the beginner candle maker."

Arin in Missouri

"I love your website. It is easy to find the products I need. Thank you."

Jovenna in Kentucky

"We love your company!! The scents are fabulous, color dyes are fabulous, the website, customer service, everything is great!!!!"

Leah in Indiana

"I LOVE your products!!! So do my customers!!!"

Tammy in Indiana

"I love the fragrances!!"

Janet in Wisconsin

"I love your products! I have had a wonderful experience every time I have shopped here. I have been buying from Cierra Candles for years and plan on continuing to shop here."

Christy in Kentucky

"A friend of mine has ordered from Cierra Candles for some time now, and I will now continue to order from you instead of buying Gold Canyon Candles... Thank you!"

Michelle in Arizona

"Your fragrances are the best I have tried and I love that your liquid dyes come with a dropper cap. That makes making candles so much easier!"

Vicki in Alabama

"Thumbs up to my very favorite candle supply site! Keep up the good work! Being new to the hobby of candlemaking, your site makes it easy, even for the novice! I have surfed on many candle supply sites, but yours is by far the best there is. Excellent products. I will continue to order from your site!"

Lori in Wisconsin

"Just wanted to say that your website is easier to work with. I love your waxes. Good job."

Swad in Nevada

"Super fast delivery, great selection & pricing. Web site is easy to use, customer service via phone is very helpful and courteous!!!"

Faith in California

"Every time I order, I get excellent customer service, excellent packaging and excellent products. I ordered 10 cases of square mason jars, and they came in excellent shape. Looking forward to ordering many other items. Thank you for such great service!!!"

Michelle in Washington

"I am so pleased with your fragrances. I have bought from other places and find yours to be excellent. As soon as I add the scent I can smell the fragrance immediately through my whole house. They are GREAT!!!!!!!!"

Marylou in New York

"My customers love the fragrances I get from your company."

Linda in Wyoming

"Excellent service!"

Antonio in New York

"I am new to candle making, but have purchased items from you and the service has been wonderful. Looking forward to purchasing all my supplies from you in the future."

Eileen in Massachusetts

"I love your website. No need to call to confirm and the shipping charges were added when finishing the order. The shipping confirmation by email with a copy of the sales order/invoice was great."

Elba in Puerto Rico

"Your website is very user friendly. I have always felt the service you provide is excellent and it is always a pleasure to do business with Cierra Candles!"

Vanessa in Montana

"My daughter placed an order and shared the oils with me. I made incense with them and everyone I sold them to loved your scents so much I am placing an order for myself. They are the most powerful oils I've experienced so far and I've been making incense for several years (13) now."

Deborah in U.S. Virgin Islands

"I love all your products! Your fragrances are WONDERFUL."

Laurie in Michigan

"You guys are Awesome!! You are my favorite Candle Supply Store!"

Linda in Wisconsin

"Ya'll are awesome! I love the fragrance oil samples - Jack Frost and the Cranberry Chutney are wonderful! These are "have to have" scents for any candle maker! Thanks!!!"

Annette in Kansas

"You guys continue to be the best in the business!! Your fragrances are still my favorites and the service is always fast and dependable!!!"

Dianne in Texas

"I have enjoyed learning a new hobby by making candles. Now my problem is just keeping up with the requests from friends on what scents they prefer. So, even the people I am giving the candles I make to are enjoying them. Thanks for making this so easy!!!!"

Jennifer in South Carolina

"I actually ordered soap supplies, and since doing so my son and I have made some wonderful soap that we intend on selling to raise money for a town playground. We also help run a country store and for promo we would give a soap away with any purchase. Now we have people requesting more. Be back soon!"

Hollie in Massachusetts

"Your scents and dyes are fabulous!"

Traci in Oregon

"You have a better web site and more products than other web sites I've looked at, and your prices are better. Thank you so much!"

Pam in Indiana

"I have loved everything I have ever ordered from Cierra Candles. It was all in great condition and very well packed. The scents are awesome. The colors, just everything. I wouldn't order thru anyone else."

Patricia in Wisconsin

"Your scents are magnificent. I had a person compare my candle with a Home & Garden candle, and my candle won, with no doubt. Thank you for making my first candles stand out on their own."

Brandy in Ohio

"I love Cierra Candles! I have placed many orders and have been nothing but extremely happy with the service and products. Lynn is especially helpful when I call. Keep up the good work and I will always order from Cierra."

Thomas in Ohio

"I have ordered from Cierra Candles several times before and am very pleased with the service I get! I always get the package on the date it is promised and I have never gotten anything damaged. Everything is always quality material, and I have recommended your site to friends who shop for candle making supplies."

Christine in New York

"I love everything about Cierra. I am so glad I switched to you. It was nice to be able to pick up my last order. My husband and I enjoyed meeting all of you. Your quality of service and supplies are excellent and I am looking forward to doing business with you as my business grows. Thank you again for all you do..."

Michelle in California

"I will keep ordering from your company!! Excellent service and very affordable prices!"

Tori in Arkansas

"Your website is wonderful! You make candlemaking fun and easy."

Heather in Missouri

"Great! The waxes, colors, wicks, fragrances are all wonderful. I definitely will order again."

Senna in Idaho

"I really have enjoyed making candles, and any questions I have had you have always been there to help me out. Thanks again for all your help and support."

Bernice in North Carolina

"I have used the color wheel and color mixing reference several times and found them to be extremely useful."

Vickie in Missouri

"Being local, I have come in many times with problems and questions, and everyone is always helpful!"

Tanya in Nevada

"I love the quick shipping! I love your scents, too! I think I have most of them and would like to see even more choices to offer to my customers. Thanks!"

Kathy in Idaho

"I love your site, I use it all the time for my business."

Kim in Virginia

"GREAT fragrance oils!"

Karalie in Oregon