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HTP 104 Prewaxed Wicks

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HTP-104 Wicks- prewaxed and tabbed. Suggested for 3.5" to 4" diameter containers. 6" long.
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HTP 104 Wicks are prewaxed and pre-tabbed with a 20mm metal tab. Can be used in paraffin but work very well, for hard to burn vegetable-based wax and beeswax container candles. These wicks are 6" long. HTP 104 wicks are self-trimming wicks, which means they will "mushroom" as they burn, be sure to break off this ball before relighting your candle, for optimal burning.


Suggested for 3.5" to 4" diameter containers, if you are using paraffin.

For soy, these wicks will work in a container with a diameter of 2 - 3".

Example: 4 oz tins

Rate of Consumption: 0.21 oz/hour.

6" long- 20mm tab

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