How to Make Soy Wax Tarts

With the popularity of Scentsy growing, more and more people are getting the light bulb style warmers. The tarts to go on them are now pretty much everywhere. Depending on where you buy them, they can be quite spendy and some box stores carry really low quality tarts. They do not last on the warmers, or they give off chemical smells, rather than nice fragrance.

In the "old days" - pre-Scentsy - these warmers used tea light candles. They were not very hot, so you needed to use a soft wax, which would melt easily. The wax best for this was the container wax. Now, the warmers are using light bulbs which generate quite a bit of heat. In order for your fragrance to last, you need to use a Pillar Blend wax. The pillar blend is more durable and able to withstand higher heat.

Tarts can be made either via molds - commonly used for chocolates and candy, or poured directly into clamshells. Either way, they work very well and are far more cost effective than what you will find with a retailer. They are very simple to make and take just a few ingredients and a little time.

Tart Making Supplies (for Wax Melt Molds):

Tart on Warmer: Courtesy of Milky Way Molds

Tart Making Supplies (for Clamshell Molds):

Tart Making Equipment:

  • Digital scale
  • Melting Pot
  • double boiler (or old pan with water and melting/pouring pot)
  • Candle making thermometer (or candy thermometer)
  • measuring spoons
  • long handled spoon or whisk


How To Make Wax Tarts for Melters:

Melt wax in a double boiler over medium heat. As the wax melts, add dye. If you are using dye block or dye chips, you may want to crush or chop up your dye, to help it melt easier. Stir to blend well. Continue to heat wax until it is all melted, try to stay below 200 °F. Remove from heat.

Allow wax to cool to ~160-165 °F. Add fragrance oil and stir gently to blend. The manufacturer recommends a maximum scent load of 12%.  12% fragrance would be equivalent to 4 tablespoons of fragrance, per pound of wax. You should test with the fragrance you are using to determine the appropriate amount to give your tarts the best scent throw. To minimize scent loss, add scent prior to pouring but at a wax temperature no less then 145°F (61.1°C). We've had best luck adding fragrance at around 160°F. Allow wax to futher cool, until your temperature reaches around 145 -150°F Carefully pour melted wax into into tart molds, until full but not over-flowing.

If you are using clamshells, pour into the clamshell, until all cavities are filled, and when cooled, close lid. Sell or use as a pack.

Tarts freshly poured

The wax will shrink as it cools and may form a well in the center of the molds. You can gently heat gun the tops to help smooth them out.

After the molds are completely cooled gently flex the mold from side to side. If the tarts do not easily come out, they are not yet ready. It is not a good idea to refrigerate tarts, they tend to crack. Patience is the key to making votives and tarts, be sure you let them cool slowly to achieve optimal results. Once popped out of the molds, allow to cool completely on a cookie rack or wax paper covered counter top. Bag or box when completely cooled.


Irene Goroshko

Date 7/16/2016

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