Votive Making Supplies

  • 1 lb of Blended Waxes BW-921 wax (pillar blend)
  • 1 color dye chip or a couple of drops of liquid candle dye
  • 1,5 to 2 oz Candle Fragrance Oil
  • HTP 52 wicks, prewaxed and tabbed
  • 8 - two ounce votive molds

Get everything you need with Votive Making Kit

Candle Making Equipment

    • Digital scale
    • Double boiler (or old pan with water and melting/pouring pot)
    • Candle-making Thermometer (or candy thermometer – you may also use a digital thermometer)
    • Measuring spoons
    • Long handled spoon or whisk

How to Make Votive Candles

Make sure all of your equipment and workspace have been sanitized. If you don’t know if you have sensitivities
to fragrance oils, it is also a good practice to wear a face mask. Wearing gloves is highly recommended as skin
can be sensitive to the chemicals in the oils.

Melt wax in a double boiler over medium heat. As the wax melts, add dye. If you are using dye block or dye
chips, you may want to crush or chop up your dye, to help it melt easier. Stir to blend well. Continue to heat
wax to 185°F until it is all melted. Remove from heat.

Place wicks in votive molds and center as well as you can. You may want to dip the wick tabs in a little melted wax to “glue” them temporarily in the bottoms of the molds. Add fragrance oil and stir gently for two minutes to blend. Allow wax to cool to around 170°F (+ or - 5°). Carefully pour melted wax into votive molds. After the votives have cooled for 30-45 minutes, gently “wiggle” the wicks to release from the wax and pull up slightly to straighten. This will prevent the wicks from shifting as the wax cools and contracts. The wax will shrink as it cools and form a well in the center of the votive. After the votives are completely cooled (at least 3 hours from the first pour), gently tap bottom of mold on flat counter top and remove votive. If the votive will not come out easily, allow to cool longer. You could stick them in the freezer for five minutes too if they are hard to unmold. Don’t leave them in the freezer too long however, they tend to crack. Patience is key when making votives, be sure your molds are warm and you let them cool slowly to achieve optimal results. Trim wicks and let “cure” for at least 24 hours. We recommend curing for a week before burning for optimal scent throw results.

Download Votive Making Kit