Candle Making Instructions: How To Make Votive Candles

A word of warning before you begin -candlemaking is very addicting, so proceed with caution! :-)

Candle Making Supplies:

Candle Making Equipment:


How To Make Votive Candles:

Melt wax in a double boiler over medium heat. As the wax melts, add dye. If you are using dye block or dye chips, you may want to crush or chop up your dye, to help it melt easier. Stir to blend well. Continue to heat wax until it is all melted, try to stay below 200 °F. Remove from heat. While your wax is cooling, place your wicks, as centered as possible in the plastic molds.

Allow wax to cool to ~180-185 °F. Add fragrance oil and stir gently to blend. Allow wax to futher cool, until your temperature reaches around 145 -150°F Carefully pour melted wax into into votive molds to 1/16" from top, (this will be the inner top of the mold). Recenter your wick in the mold.

After the votives have cooled for 10-15 minutes, gently "wiggle" the wicks to release from the wax and pull up slightly to straighten. This will prevent the wicks from shifting as the wax cools and contracts. The wax will shrink as it cools and may form a well in the center of the votive. You can gently heat gun the tops to help smooth them out.

After the votives are completely cooled gently pull on the wick to release the candle from the mold. If it does not easily come out, they are not yet ready. It is not a good idea to refrigerate candles, they tend to crack. Patience is the key to making votives, be sure you let them cool slowly to achieve optimal results. Trim the wicks, bag the candle and let it "cure" for at least 24 hours before burning.

Now, that wasn’t too difficult, was it? Hope you had fun!

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