Instructions for making "smelly jelly":

Smelly JellyWhat you will need:

How To Make Smelly Jelly:
Add 1 tablespoon of fragrance to your jar. Add to the fragrance a single drop of liquid soap - any dish washing liquid will do, but some work better than others (see notes below). Swirl until it becomes a
milky color. Add water. Swirl until mixed thoroughly. Be careful not to shake too much or your
detergent will get foamy, this will not go away and you will have soap bubbles in your crystals. This
gives an interesting look, but it is probably not desirable. Add a single drop of liquid dye. You will want
to use either liquid glycerin dye, liquid soap colorant, or straight food coloring. Do NOT use candle
dye! Add your water crystals and stir or swirl well. Within an hour they will be fully grown. It is helpful
during the growth period to shake your jar and make sure all the dye and fragrance is being evenly
distributed. Do not add more than the recommended amount of the crystals or they will expand out of
the jar!

Notes: It is better to use a distilled or purified water - water with minerals in it will cause the crystals to
be smaller.

We've had a lot of calls and questions about the detergent and why you add it, and what kind works best. When you mix fragrance oil and water, you are mixing oil and water. As we all know, oil and water doesn't mix! The purpose of the detergent is to use its surfactant qualities - these act as a "bridge" and allow the water to bond with the oil. A few drops are all you need, or want. The best detergent? One that doesn't foam very much. Get the cheap Dollar store dish washing liquid that never makes a lot of bubbles, it will work just fine. Detergents like Joy, or Dawn, aren't great because they do make lots of bubbles. The fewer the bubbles the better your crystals will look when done.



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