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Heart Shaped Wax Melt Mold

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Heart shaped wax tart mold for warmers. Perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings, or? - makes 8 per mold
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Heart shaped wax tart mold for making scented tarts. Heart shaped mold perfect for Valentine's Day, Weddings, or showers.

Fragrance Suggestions: Amber Romance, Love Spell, Pink Sugar, Moonlight Path, Sex on the Beach, Butt Naked, Marshmallow Candy

Dimensions: 1.5" wide by 7/8" high
Number of Cavities: 8 cavities per tray
Ounces: .65 ounces wax per cavity
Material: A flexible 30-mil clear PVC plastic, sturdy and good for many, many pours

To Make Scented Wax Melts:

  • Use pillar or votive wax, like Ecosoya PB Pillar and Votive wax
  • Melt the wax and prepare just like you would for a votive candle
  • Pour wax into mold and let set up until cool
  • Pop out of mold, bag until you are ready to use

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