Fragrance Oil Categories

Shop your favorite fragrance oils for candles, potpourri and soap by category type. Pick your favorite category and find new and unusual fragrances you might not have thought about.
  • Current Top Sellers Current Top Sellers
    This list is for our top selling fragrances right at the moment, for this season and it is updated weekly.
  • Most Popular - Best Selling Fragrances Most Popular - Best Selling Fragrances
    A full list of our best selling, most popular fragrances. These fragrances are tried and true and appeal to a wide audience. If you are looking for something new to add to your collection, try something from this list.
  • Newest Fragrance Oils Newest Fragrance Oils
    Our newest fragrances! Remember - all fragrances qualify for FREE shipping if your order exceeds $100.
  • Aromatherapy Fragrances Aromatherapy Fragrances
    Aromatherapy serves a number of purposes - from healing, to soothing, to setting a mood. While fragrance oils are not essential oils, they can serve the same purpose, in some applications. These oils have been chosen because they can be used for aromatherapy.
  • Baking Fragrances Baking Fragrances
    All of our fresh from the bakery scents! These baking fragrances are sure to remind you of delicious, home cooked goodness straight out of the kitchen. These scents are perfect for wrapping you up in the warm comforts of home.
  • Beach Fragrances Beach Fragrances
    There's nothing better than a day at the beach! These beachy fragrances are the very best of scents you'd find while lounging at your favorite beach resort. Breezy, fruity, and the warmth of the ocean, describe some of these very popular beach fragrances.
  • Citrus Fragrances Citrus Fragrances
    Bright, uplifting, fresh, light, tangy, and energizing - all the things we love about citrus fragrances! These citrus fragrances combine all the very best of lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit.
  • Clean and Fresh Fragrances Clean and Fresh Fragrances
    Our freshest, cleanest scents. These fragrance oils have the scents we associate with clean laundry, fresh air, and are light.
  • Designer Fragrance Oils Designer Fragrance Oils
    These fragrances are all based on "types" or commercially known fragrances from a wide variety of companies, like Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works (BBW), Yankee Candle, Thymes and more.
  • Drinks Drinks
    All our fragrances based on drinks - whether it be the common - like coffee, or the exotic like a fuzzy navel. These tasty beverage fragrance oils are just the scents to add the familiar with the fun.
  • Earthy Fragrances Earthy Fragrances
    All of the fragrance oils we consider to be Earthy. These oils tend to appeal to those who like scents related to nature -like trees, dirt, and gardening.
  • Fall Fragrances Fall Fragrances
    Fall brings the homiest time of year, with holidays, family gatherings, fresh snow and delicious meals. These fall fragrances encompass all the wonder and warmth you'd expect. Many of these are our most popular fragrances!
  • Floral Fragrances Floral Fragrances
    Lovely floral fragrances! A wide selection of fragrance oils for candles and soap, of beautiful flowers.
  • Fruity Fragrances Fruity Fragrances
    All of our fruitiest fragrance oils! From apples, berries, melons, and citrus, you are sure to find the sweetest, most realistic fruit fragrances.
  • Herbal Herbal
    There is nothing more aromatic than freshly cut herbs. We've grouped all of our very best herbal fragrances for quick reference.
  • Kid Friendly Fragrances Kid Friendly Fragrances
    Doing projects with the little ones? Or, making soap for kids? These fragrances are hand picked especially to be pleasing to children. All of their favorites!
  • Man Friendly Fragrances Man Friendly Fragrances
    Men are especially sensitive to fragrance. It can be difficult to find fragrances that appeal to a wide audience of men. We've gone through the list and handpicked scents men find appealing. These are some of the best picks for the man cave.
  • Rustic Homey Fragrances Rustic Homey Fragrances
    Flannel, a roaring fire, a pie in the oven and the smell of fresh cut cedar; all of the warmth of a cabin in the woods. These rustic homey fragrances are sure to be loved.
  • Skin Safe Fragrances Skin Safe Fragrances
    If you are a soap maker, or making bath and body products, it is very important to choose oils which are skin safe. All of the fragrances in this category are body safe fragrance oils acceptable for bath, body and soap applications, up to 5%. You should not exceed the 5% amount in your product.
  • Spring Fragrances Spring Fragrances
    Breezy, light, with hints of blooming flowers, these fragrances encompass all that is spring. From lovely spring florals, to light and airy, clean fragrances, these spring scents will appeal to a wide variety of senses.
  • Phthalate Free Fragrances Phthalate Free Fragrances
    This category has a full list of all our phthalate free fragrances. While not a concern if you are just making candles. if you are making skin care products and soap, some people want their products to be free of phthalates. These are the fragrances that contain no phthalates.
  • High Flashpoint >200 High Flashpoint >200
    If you are an international customer, or live in Alaska or Hawaii, these are the fragrances that can be shipped, via Air. They have a high flash point and are not regulated for international travel.
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Juicy Peach Fragrance Oil
Juicy Peach Fragrance Oil

The fragrance of biting into a ripe peach. Very luscious and juicy - you'd better grab a napkin!

Average Rating(5)
In Stock
Eligible for Free Shipping if over $100

The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil
The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil
Clean, citrusy, fruity, earthy
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Eligible for Free Shipping if over $100

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