EcoSoya Q230 Soy Wax

EcoSoya Q230 Soy Wax

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About this Product

We are now out of stock and will not be carrying the Q230 any longer. 

Instructions for use

Heat soy wax to a minimum of 155°F and a maximum of 190°F under gentle agitation until wax is fully melted. Be sure you do not heat your wax too high, it can cause yellowing after cooling. As a guideline EcoSoya recommends pouring between 145°F (62.8°C) and 175°F (79.4°C). Our testing at heating to 185°F adding fragrance at 185°F stirring gently for two minutes and pouring at 165°F proved excellent for cold and hot throw. Additives are not recommended for this wax.

We recommend you use HTP wicks with this wax for optimal results. If you are using our fragrances, you can use up to 18% fragrance load. In our tests we used 12% or 2 oz of fragrance per pound of wax, which works out to be 4 T of fragrance per pound.

We also recommend you upsize your HTP wicks to the next size. So, for instance, if your jar is 3" in diameter, chose a wick for a 3 1/2" container.

Testing and reviews of this wax showed excellent results with tarts, melts and, votives. Container Candles also showed good results but required a bit higher fragrance load of 12%.

Recommended cure time is 48 hours. In our tests, candles and melts gave excellent scent throw after this 48 hour cure time.

Ecosoya Brands SDS

Ecosoya Q230 Data Sheet


Made in the USA

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