(Image Courtesy of Creature Comforts blog)

Soap Packaging We found this lovely idea for soap packaging on Creature Comforts blog. This is an easy D.I.Y. paper wrapped soap.  They even have free printable labels for download.

Visit their blog here to see their step by step instructions and get the download.

The beauty of this project is you can use any sort of pretty paper.  We've seen this done with colorful wrapping paper, newspaper, Sunday comics, and even maps!  A great place to look for neat paper ideas is in the scrap booking section of your local craft store.  Scrapbookers use some awesome papers and they make for beautiful soap packaging.

Another idea we've seen is along the same lines, but using fabric scraps.  Quilting squares are usually the perfect size to wrap soap and are beautiful!  We were at a craft fair the first time we saw this. A lady made soap from buffalo tallow and wrapped the soap in gorgeous fabric scraps.  It made for a very colorful booth!

Make sure if you are buying fabric, or paper, you wrap the cost into the cost of your soap, so you are not loosing money!

We hope this give you more ideas of how to make your soap packaging even more unique and fun!

Leave us a comment on your favorite way to wrap your soap.


Everett Morris

Date 9/30/2015

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