1) Wax Weight With The Water Method

If you don't know how much wax fits into a jar you can find the wax weight with this method. Always use weight, not volume since water is more dense than wax. If you know your wax amount skip to step 2. 

  1. Fill your jar with water to the level you want your wax to be.
  2. Weigh that amount of water, for example 9oz or 255grams
  3. Convert that water weight into wax weight by multiplying by .86
    9oz X .86 = 7.74oz
    255g X .86 + 219.30g
    The .86 will never change, it will be used no matter what your water weight is to convert to wax weight.

2) Calculate Exact Wax And Oil Weight for any Container

Now that you know the wax weight from the calculation above, 9oz or 255g, you can now find out how much wax and oil to use together so that when combined they both equal your desired amount. In this calculation, we are using 10% fragrance load. If you just need the percentage for wax skip to step 3.

7.74oz / 1.10 = 7.04oz (wax) 7.74oz - 7.04oz = .70oz (oil) or 

219.30g / 1.10 = 199.36g (wax) 219.30g - 199.36g = 19.94g (oil)

Other oil percentage calculations: 8% would be .08, 12% would be .12

3) Calculate Fragrance Percentage For Any Wax Weight

If you just want to know how much oil to add to any amount of wax using a certain percentage, this is the formula you will use. We are using 10% fragrance load for this example.

9oz x .10 = .9oz (oil)  or 

255g x .10 = 25.5g (oil)

Other oil percentage calculations: 8% would be .08, 12% would be .12