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One of the best things about fall is the beautiful color it brings! I personally love the changing colors of the leaves. The beautiful reds, yellows and oranges make the forests come alive. Here is an easy project you can do to make use of these gorgeous colors and dress up your candle jars. Mason jars are readily available in most box stores now, and we carry them as well here - but I think this project works best if your jar is a little bigger and has smooth sides - like Quart size. Don't neglect using old, recyclable jars, like mayonnaise jars, or old large candle jars. You can also find some wonderful sizes at the dollar stores. There are two ways you could do this project - make the candle in the jar, or use the jar to hold a tealight or votive candle.

If you use the jar as a holder, I would put an inch or so of either rice, sand, or beans in the bottom to nestle the candle in, so it holds well.

What you will need for this tutorial:

  • Jars
  • leaves (the tutorial says plastic or real - I would choose real)
  • Mod Podge (available at any craft store, or box store in the craft section)
  • A sponge brush (available at any craft store, box store, or hardware store)
  • raffia or fabric for tying a bow

This tutorial and images are courtesy of Spark & Chemistry

Supplies needed for Tutorial

Be sure your jar is clean and dry before you begin. Use the sponge brush to paint a thin layer of the Mod podge over a portion of the surface of your jar. Gently lay a leaf over the layer and paint another layer of Mod Podge over the leaf, smoothing out the edges. Continue layering and painting over your leaves until you have a look you like. Leave some space here and there between your leaves so the light of the candle can shine through. Tie the top with some raffia or fabric, put your candle inside and Voila! a beautiful fall candle!

Applying Leaves

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VICKI Medley

Date 9/18/2016

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