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TruWiks (TM) Wick Holder
TruWiks (TM) Wick Holder

TruWiks (TM) Wick Holder

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TruWicks (TM) Wick Holder
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These handy wick-centering devices are made of 100% recycled plastic and are imported from Australia.


  • Ball-joint on the end allows the clip to be opened and closed on the wick, eliminating the struggle to insert wicks into a tiny groove while maintaining their position in the jar.
  • Plastic composition is resistant to heat, therefore reducing the likelihood of radiant heat leaving flaws in the tops of the candles.
  • Can be used for traditional wicks and wooden wicks.
  • Single or double-wick configuration.
  • 4.75" in length
  • Stabilizing arms are stepped in symmetrical increments for use in many different sizes of jars

To see the TruWiks (TM) in action, watch the video created by the TruWik creator.

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