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Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil
Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil

Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil

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Light, fresh earthy smell of fresh cut grass with a hint of the sweetness of clover.

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Sweet Grass Fragrance oil for candles, soap, potpourri, and bath & body products.   Sweetgrass is also known as Holy Grass, Mary's Grass, Vanilla Grass, Bluejoint, Buffalo Grass, Manna Grass and Zebrovka.  

It has a fragrance, almost sweet vanilla-like fragrance it its leaves and is used in Native American culture for prayers, smudging and purifying ceremonies. It is concerned among many tribes to be a sacred plant. It is often burned to attract positive energies.

Its fragrance is a sweet, grassy smell of freshly cut alfalfa with a heavy blend of sweet clover. Earthy and grassy.

Phthalate Free

Vanillin Content:  None

Suggested colors: green, hunter green


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