Soap Making Supplies

Soap Making Supplies

Make soap the easy way with our natural, melt and pour soaps. If you can boil water, you can make melt and pour soap! It is easy to do and lots of fun! You can control the amount of fragrance and choose what ever color you want.

In addition to melt and pour soap bases, we also carry everything you need for cold and hot process soap making, including oils, butters, lye, colorants, loaf molds and so much more!

Make your soaps a full rainbow of colors with our beautiful soap dyes and give them beautiful, true to life fragrance, with our full line of high quality, hand-picked fragrances.

We evaluate every single order to make sure you are getting the lowest cost. We will box in Flat rate mailers whenever possible, to save you the maximum shipping costs.The cart gives a quote back based on the weight, but rest assured, if we can ship it for less, we will and we will refund the difference!

Have questions, or don't see what you need? Our friendly, helpful staff will be happy to assist you! Contact us here.


Soap Making Supplies

Water Based Colorant - low concentration, good for any water based bath and body product. Sold in 1.25 oz plastic squeeze bottle

Liquid Glycerine Dye - highly concentrated - good for oil based products.

Oils and Butters -for use in cold process soap, creams, lotions and lip products.

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) -for Cold Process Soap Making..

Soap Making Kits - Fun and easy kits with complete instructions.

Soap Making Equipment - Making soap is easier with melting pots, scales, and eye droppers

Soap Making Instructions - How to Make Melt and Pour soap - step by step instructions



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