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Reed Diffuser Oil Carrier
Reed Diffuser Oil Carrier

Reed Diffuser Oil Carrier

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Mix this 50/50 with your fragrance oils to create your reed diffuser oil.
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Sold by 1 pound bottle (16 oz.).

Clear, reed diffuser base oil (fragrance oil enhancer).  Mix this base as a 50:50 mix with your fragrance oil to ensure your fragrance will carry up the reed.  Most fragrance oils are too thick to travel up a reed and must be diluted.  This diffuser base oil (sometimes call fragrance oil enhancer) will dilute your fragrance oil to a lower viscosity and allow it to be carried up the reed for maximum scent dispersion.

Please note, not all fragrance oils are compatible with this oil. It is important to do a quick test and see if yours will work. It does NOT work with most cinnamons, although Grandma's Kitchen works ok.

To test, mix your oil at a 1:1 ratio with the diffuser base. Shake well. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. If it separates into two layers, it is not compatible and should not be used.

You can create some color in your diffusers by adding a single drop of liquid candle dye to the mixture. Do not add more as it can clog your reeds. The liquid candle dye is the only dye that should be used, as it is also oil based.

Clean Up Tip: For easiest clean up, use wet wipes -like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Remember to place a warning on your diffuser to be careful around furniture, pets and small children. This product is NOT edible and will remove finish off furniture. Very effectively in fact!

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