How To Make Aroma Beads

How To Make Aroma Beads:

Fill your glass jar with aroma beads, leave some room at the top.  Add your fragrance oil – you can use 1 – 2 oz of fragrance per pound of aroma beads.  It will depend on the fragrance.  Thicker, more viscous fragrances take longer to absorb.  If you would like to add color, do so, but go easy!  It only takes a drop.  Be sure to use liquid candle dye – water based dyes and chips will not work.  Cover your jar with a lid and shake well to distribute all of the oil through the aroma beads.  Allow fragrance to soak into the beads.  This can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or so, depending on the thickness of the fragrance oil.  Shake your jar periodically to ensure complete mixing.  When your beads are completely dry, they are ready for use.  If you can’t get them to dry, you make need to add some more beads to soak up the oil.  Just add more, shake well and allow to continue drying.

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