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NatureWax Elite 300 Pillar Blend

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For freestanding pillar candles and wax melts, Cargill’s Elite 300 is a robust blend for smooth or textured finishes with high fragrance and dye capability.  This wax is made from palm oil and other vegetable glycerides and is a great substitute for paraffin wax applications.   Melt Point: 130 - 140 °F

Applications:  Pillars, Votives, Tapers and tealights

Fragrance Load: 7-10%

General Instructions for Pillars and Wax Melts:

1) Melt Elite 300 Wax to 160 - 195 °F
2) Add Dye and Fragrances (Fragrance Load 7-10%)
3) For pillars pour at approximately 155 - 185 °F, for melts pour at 140 - 150 °F
4) Let cool for 24-48 hrs prior to burning

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