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Combination Candle Making Kit - Candle Business Starter Kit

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Your Price: $102.00
A complete container candle making kit to give you all the essentials you need to get started making your very own container and tealight candles.
Part Number: CBS-KIT
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Learn to make both container candles and tealight with this complete candle making kit.  Whether you are wanting to make candles as gifts, or to start your own business, this kit will help you get going. Our full size candle making kit contains the following:

  • (12) - 6 oz hex jars
  • 10 pounds of Naturewax C-3 soy wax
  • 6 packs of color chips
  • 6 of our most popular fragrances (1 oz size)
  • 50 HTP 93 Wicks
  • 25 wick stickers
  • 50 Tealight Cups
  • 50 LX 8 Tealight Wicks
  • (100) - 3 x 5 cello bags
  • Large Melt Pot
  • Escali Scale

Complete instructions for both types of candles included in the kit. 


This product does NOT qualify for free shipping but will count towards your $100 purchase

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