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Citric Acid
Citric Acid

Citric Acid

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Citric Acid in powdered form. High quality for making the perfect bath fizzies.
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Citric acid is one of the main ingredients for bath fizzies or bath bombs. Often used as a preservative as well, this comes as a granular powder. Combine it with Baking Soda to make bath bombs. 

Sold in 1# and 5# bags.

Follow these easy instructions to make your own (or see our detailed step by step guide here):

Ingredients list:



Place the citric acid and baking soda in a bowl and blend together very well. You may want to wear a mask at this stage -- these are both fine white powders and you shouldn't breath the dust! Blend really well or your bath fizzy will be grainy. Once they are blended well, add your colorant. A small amount will go a long way, don't add too much or it can stain the bath tub or worse yet, your skin! Add in your skin safe fragrance oil, mixing well as you add it. Again, don't add too much. A teaspoon is generally enough, but it will depend on your personal scenting preferences.  Once you have everything blended, it is time to start spritzing the mixture with your Witch Hazel spray bottle.  Mix quickly while spraying the surface until the mixture sticks together when you "squish" it.  As soon as it gets to this point, start pressing it into your molds. Press firmly, and pack tightly so your fizzies are dense and durable.  Wait until the surface feels dry and gently tap them out of the mold.  Let sit for several hours on waxed paper while they air dry. Package up.




To get perfect little balls, use a meat baller.  Meat ballers look like tongs with cups at the end and are available at Walmart and most kitchen stores for very little cost.

If your fizzies are crumbling and coming apart, you did not add enough witch hazel, reblend and try again, packing firmly.

 There are many, many recipes out there for bath fizzies. Be creative and have fun!


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