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Carnation Fragrance Oil

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The beautiful spicy, floral scent of fresh carnations.

Part Number: CARN
Availability: Clearance Sale - Being Discontinued
Eligible for Free Shipping - YES

Eligible if over $100
Bath, Body and Soap Safe: YES
Phthalates Present: None

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This fragrance oil is on clearance and being discontinued.  Once it is gone, it will not be restocked.

Carnation fragrance oil, for candles, potpourri and soap. The beautiful scent of a bouquet of carnations. This is a slightly spicy, soft floral, kind of old-fashioned, but timeless. Soap Safe.

Vanillin Content:  None

CP Soaping Notes:  Major acceleration.  No ricing or discoloration.  Strong scent retention.
Suggested colors: pink, blue, white, red

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