Aroma Beads - By the Pound

Aroma Beads - By the Pound

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About this Product

Aroma Beads are tiny, clear polymer beads for making sachets, room fragrancers, and potpourri, also called Luminettes. Sold by the pound.

 Here are instructions on how to use these beads:


  • Fill a glass jar with aroma beads, leave some room at the top
  • Add fragrance oil - you can use 1 - 2 oz of fragrance per pound of aroma beads.  It will depend on the fragrance, thicker, more viscous fragrances take longer to absorb
  • If you would like to add color, you may do so, but go easy! It only takes a drop. Be sure to use the liquid candle dye - water based dyes and chips will not work.
  • Cover your jar with a lid and shake well to distribute all of the oil through the aroma beads
  • Allow the fragrance to soak into the beads. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or so, depending on the thickness of the fragrance oil. Shake your jar periodically to ensure complete mixing.
  • When your beads are completely dry, they are ready for use.  If you can't get them to dry, you may need to add some more beads to soak up the oil.  Just add more, shake well and allow to continue drying.


Once your beads are complete dry, you can use them in a variety of ways -- add them to sachet bags, use as a decorative accent with silk or dried flowers, car fresheners, etc.


You can also bake these into shapes.  Set your oven to 200 °F.  Using an old cookie sheet arrange your beads into the patterns you would like. The best way to do this is with old metal cookie cutters.  Just add your beads to the cutter.  Be sure not to make too thick! A nice layer in the cutter works well.  Then bake for 45 minutes.


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Questions and Answers

Q: Approx. how many sachet bags will one pound of beads make? How much goes into a bag? Thanks! Hope to hear back soon.
Asked by: Robert - 3/4/2016
A: From CierraCandles: It depends on what size sachet bag you use, but we use the small size ones we carry on the website. It is usually about 1/8 cup we put in them, but we didn't know what that was in ounces, so we measured out the aroma beads into a bag and weighed it. It worked out to be 1.5 oz. Based on a pound (16 oz) - that would be about 10 - 11 bags. Hope that helps!
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Answer provided by:  Administrator (3/4/2016)
Q: Are these the beads that I would use to make car freshners? Or would I use the water crystals? If I would use these beads, how much would I need to fill an 8oz mason jar? Thank you for your help. Sandy
Asked by: Sandy B - 9/1/2016
A: Hi Sandy,

Yes, you would use these beads for air fresheners. We have found that it's better to put the beads and fragrances in gallon baggies and lay them out flat until they are completely dry. Then you could put them in small sachet bags which you could then have people put under the seats in their cars or somewhere else to freshen their cars. If you want to use them in jars and dry them that way, it will work, just take longer. One cup of the beads up 8 oz jar. These beads do not expand like the water crystals.
Was this answer helpful?  11 of 11 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Dana Murphy-Love (9/6/2016)

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