3D Soap Molds

Create professional, double-sided designer soap molds with these reusable 3D ABS plastic molds.  These are two part molds that "snap" together and are held with large bands.  They have a funnel at the top, which allows you to pour your soap into the soap mold.  Allow the soap to harden, release the molds and then trim along the edges.  You can also insert rope for a soap on a rope final product. These molds are made from a hard, durable, white ABS plastic and will make a full sized bar of soap.

Molds come with bands and complete instructions.  Please note: all of these molds are discontinued and are no longer being made by the manufacturer. Once they are gone, they are gone.  Since the manufacturer no longer provides support, molds are sold "as is" and there are no returns.

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