Soap Safe Liquid Dye

Glycerin soaps look beautiful left uncolored, but they're even prettier and a lot more fun when the color complements the shape and fragrance of your soap. Our Liquid Colorant may be used in ALL Melt & Pour soap bases to create a rainbow of hues. And our water-based Liquid Colorant is the perfect way to create a professional, coordinated line of soap and bath & body products.

These 12 basic, vibrant colors are easily mixed to create even more colors. The chart below shows the approximate appearance in different products. (The depth of color will vary with the amount of dye used.) Not for use in oil-based products, wax or gel candles. 1.25 oz. bottle with Euro-dropper cap for easy dispensing.

Not as concentrated as our liquid glycerin based soap dye, but works very well in soap and bath and body products. Use sparingly. Dye does bleed.

Enter the quantity of each dye type you would like in the quantity box, then click the Add to Cart button at the top or bottom of the page

Aqua Liquid Colorant Aqua Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Brilliant Blue Liquid Colorant Brilliant Blue Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Canary Liquid Colorant Canary Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Lime Liquid Colorant Lime Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Melon Red Liquid Colorant Melon Red Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Orange Liquid Colorant Orange Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Peach Liquid Colorant Peach Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
Royal Purple Liquid Colorant Royal Purple Liquid Colorant $2.50 Quantity
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