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HTP 1212 Prewaxed Wicks
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HTP 1212 Prewaxed Wicks

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About this Product

HTP 1212 Wicks are prewaxed and pre-tabbed with a 20mm metal tab. These wicks can be used in paraffin but work very well, for hard to burn vegetable-based wax and beeswax container candles. These wicks are 7" long. HTP 1212 wicks are self-trimming wicks, which means they will "mushroom" as they burn, be sure to break off this ball before relighting your candle, for optimal burning.


Suggested for 4" to 4.5" diameter containers., if you are using paraffin.

For soy, these wicks will work in a container with a diameter of 3 - 3.5".

Example: 8 oz tins, 9 oz Hex jars, 8 oz Mason Jars

Rate of Consumption: 0.23 oz/hour.

7" long- 20mm tab.

Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Great wicks!
These wicks work great in soy wax with the 8 oz. square mason jars. Wax pool goes all the way to the edge and creates a wonderful hot throw. Lower soot than others I have used(even of the same type) and just a little wick mushrooming. Perfect flame too.
Reviewed by: . on 5/29/2013
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