How to Make Smelly Jelly

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Instructions for making "smelly jelly":

Smelly Jelly What you will need:

Add 1 tablespoon of fragrance to your jar. Add to the fragrance a single drop of liquid soap- any dish washing liquid will do. Swirl until it becomes a milky color. Add water. Swirl until mixed thoroughly. Be careful not to shake too much or your detergent will get foamy, this will not go away and you will have soap bubbles in your crystals. This gives an interesting look, but it probably not desirable. Add a single drop of liquid dye. You will want to use either liquid glycerin dye, liquid soap colorant, or straight food coloring. Do NOT use candle dye! Add your water crystals and stir or swirl well. Within an hour they will be fully grown. It is helpful during the growth period to shake your jar and make sure all the dye and fragrance is being evenly distributed. Do not add more than the recommended amount of the crystals or they will expand out of the jar!

Notes: It is better to use a distilled or purified water - water with minerals in it will cause the crystals to be smaller.

We've had a lot of calls and questions about the detergent and why you add it, and what kind works best. When you mix fragrance oil and water, you are mixing oil and water. As we all know, oil and water doesn't mix! The purpose of the detergent is to use its surfactant qualities - these act as a "bridge" and allow the water to bond with the oil. A few drops are all you need, or want. The best detergent? One that doesn't foam very much. Get the cheap Dollar store dish washing liquid that never makes a lot of bubbles, it will work just fine. Detergents like Joy, or Dawn, aren't great because they do make lots of bubbles. The fewer the bubbles the better your crystals will look when done.


Date 9/7/2014
monet carre
Thank you so much for the recipe! I made smelly jellys for the whole house, with different scents in each room. Christmas is coming and you all just made my life a lot simpler! Thanks to the staff for the terrific customer service, too.
Date 5/19/2015
question about Smelly Jelly. Could volka be used instead of water? I use essentail oils only. Will this mold? Thank you

From CierraCandles: I don't think I would recommend using the vodka over the water. Vodka evaporates at a faster rate than water and I am not sure the water crystals would absorb it properly. They are designed for water. We have never had these mold. The dish soap seems to help this. Plus, most essential oils by their very nature, tend to be more anti-microbial than fragrance oil. You will use a lot less essential oil than fragrance oil, so you will need to increase the amount of water just a bit. Let us know how they turn out for you!
Date 7/27/2015
I made several Smelly Jelly jars to use as air fresheners. The day I made them, the smell was overpowering. The next day they could barely be smelled. Do you know what I could do to make the smell stronger? They all smell great still if you sniff the jar, but not if you are more than a couple inches from it.

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