Ecosoya CB-Xcel Soy Container Wax

Ecosoya CB-Xcel Soy Container Wax

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About this Product

New EcoSoya waxes coming soon!
EcoSoya proudly announces the next generation in technology.  Expect improved scent throw, increased stability and richer colors in the new EcoSoya 110, EcoSoya 120 and EcoSoya 130 waxes to be released some time this Summer.  There has been an unexpected delay in manufacturing and we have not yet received our samples.  Please check back on our website late May, early June for an update.  More details on this superior wax will be available soon.

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Ecosoya CB-Xcel is a natural soy wax uses new technology that allows for top surface re-melting. With a smooth, even burn pool with consistent color retention, CB-Xcel is highly frost resistant and works great with dyes.  Maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention and has excellent scent throw.  Smooth and creamy look. 

Instructions for use

Heat the soy wax to around 180-190 F until wax is fully melted.  Ber sure you do not heat your wax too high, it can cause yellowing after cooling.   Add fragrance oil and color. Stir well and let cool to around 130-155 F before pouring into containers. Allow containers to cool completely. Additives are not recommended for this wax.

We recommend you use HTP wicks for this wax, for optimal results.  If you are using our fragrances, you can use up to 10 - 12% fragrance load or 1 1/2 oz - 2 oz of fragrance per pound of wax, which works out to be 3-4 T of fragrance per pound.

We also recommend you upsize your HTP wicks to the next size.  So, for instance, if your jar is 3" in diameter, chose a wick for a 3 1/2 container. 

Wax comes in easy to measure out flakes. 


Made in the USA

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