Chakras 2 soap mold

Chakras 2 soap mold

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The chakras represent seven centers of energy, located on the midline of the body. As believed by those in Buddhist and Hindu cultures, these chakras absorb energy from the universe and govern our emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being. This chakra soap mold represents the last three lower chakras of solar plexus (confidence), sacral (new experiences), and root (foundation)

Pair this with our Chakras 1 Soap Mold for a complete set of the seven chakras.

Dimensions: 1" x 2.75" 
Number of cavities: 3 cavities (one of each chakra)
Ounces: 3

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Made in the USA

Questions and Answers

Q: What material is this mold made of? Would it be suitable for wax?
Asked by: Kimberly - 6/2/2015
A: All of the molds by Milky Way Molds are plastic. They are made of flexible 30-mil clear PVC plastic, and are very sturdy and good for many many pours. The mold cavities are on a 9”x9” sheet of plastic

The molds can tolerate wax and transparent soap temperatures of 135-145ºF. If you're concerned about warping, set the molds in a shallow cold-water bath for hot-temperature pours.

Let us know if you have more questions!
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Answer provided by:  Administrator (6/2/2015)

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