Quantum Soy Wax by Ecosoya - Review - ****UPDATE

Posted by Dana Murphy-Love on 8/1/2017 to Candle Making

Review of Quantum Soy Waxes by EcoSoya Brands, LLC - UPDATED 8/1/2017

This review was originally posted on July 13.  We have some updates based on some testing that we had a few of our customers do.  Updated content is preceded by asterisks.

Cierra Candles recently received samples of the newly developed Quantum soy waxes.  There are three waxes that can be used for candle applications and one wax that can also be used for bath and body products as it has been dermatology tested.   All waxes come in pastille/pearl form which is easy to scoop and weigh.  Case weight is 45 pounds.  All three waxes have a maximum fragrance load of 18%. 


Here’s our review of the new products.


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