Candle Making Supplies

Get all of your candle making supplies in one place. No minimum order! Free ground shipping on fragrances, dyes and wicks if your order exceeds $100.
Click Here for Free Shipping details. Get Wholesale priced supplies without the need for a vendor's license and best of all - no sales tax!

General Candle Supplies

Soy Candle Wax Container wax and Votive/Pillar wax

Candle Containers - tealight containers, candle jars and candle tins

Candle Molds - clam shells for tarts, votive molds and tealight cups

Wax Melt Molds - clam shells and molds for wax melts and scented tarts

Candle Packaging bags, boxes, twist ties and more! Everything you need to make your creations look professional

Candle Making Equipment Make candle making easy with melting pots, scales, and eye droppers


Quick Order Fragrance by Size - use this if you know what you need and they are all the same size fragrance bottles

Full List - Quick Order - use this if you know what you need and they are all different sizes

Browse All Fragrances- An A to Z list of all the fragrance oils we carry.

Browse By Category - Find new fragrances you might not have thought of, by browsing by category type

Candle Making Dyes

Candle Dye Chips - least concentrated dye type, 12 chips per pack

Candle Dye Block - sold by the block, less concentrated than liquid dye

Liquid Candle Dye - most concentrated, 1/2 oz bottle with eye dropper

If you are not sure which candle dye to use, here is our guide: How to Choose a Candle Dye

Candle Wick

Zinc Core Wicks - best for paraffin wax

HTP Wicks - our recommended wick for soy and beeswax candles

LX Wicks - can be used for either soy or paraffin candles

Braided Wicks - best used for odd sized candles, dipped candles and beeswax

15 mm Metal Wick Tabs (Sustainer Base) -for making your own tealight sized wicks

20 mm Metal Wick Tabs (Sustainer Base) - for making standard sized wicks

Wick Stickers used for hold wicks to the bottom of the container

Learn to Make Candles

Candle Making Kits - kits for votive candles, container candles and our business starter kit

Candle Making Instructions - Learn to Make Container Candles

Votive Candle Making Instructions - Learn to Make Votive or Pillar Candles

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