Soap Making Supplies

Make soap the easy way with our natural, melt and pour soaps. Don't miss our extensive selection of soap molds! Make your soaps a full rainbow of colors with our beautiful soap dyes.

Melt and Pour Soap Base


Any fragrance with an YES will be skin safe and safe for use in soaps. Please note, even though a soap may be marked as "safe", the fragrance may still curdle or change the color of your soap. Fragrances heavy in vanillas can result in tan or gray soaps. Always test in your application.

Quick Order Fragrance by Size - use this if you know what you need and they are all the same size fragrance bottles

Full List - Quick Order - use this if you know what you need and they are all different sizes

Browse All Fragrances- An A to Z list of all the fragrance oils we carry.

Browse By Category - Find new fragrances you might not have thought of, by browsing by category type

Skin Safe fragrance - While you always need to test in your specific process, these fragrances are safe to use in soap and bath and body care products, up to 5%.

Liquid Soap Dyes

Water Based Colorant - low concentration, good for any water based bath and body product. Sold in 1.25 oz plastic squeeze bottle

Liquid Glycerine Dye - highly concentrated, good for oil based products.

Either dye can be used in soap. The differences between the two are the liquid glycerin dye is much more concentrated, so you will be able to use less and it is better for bath and body products that are higher in oil concentration than water.

Soap Molds

Animals and Fish Soap Molds - Fun animals will give life to your soap with these adorable soap molds

Asian Themed Soap Molds - Symbols and Crests, Feng Shui and Ying Yang all add to our Asian Themed soap molds from Milky Way Molds

Floral Soap Molds - Beautifully detailed floral soap molds. Unique flowers will give an elegant look to your soap.

Heart Shaped Soap Molds - From the whimsical to the ornate, hearts in all sizes and shapes from Milky Way molds.  Choose your favorite pattern and click more to get sizes and number of cavities.

Holiday Soap Molds - Holiday Soap molds for every holiday through out the year!

Kids Shapes Soap Molds - Adorably fun soap molds with kids in mind. These soap molds are in all kinds of shapes kids will appreciate, from puzzles, to animals.

Miscellaneous Molds - Fun shapes, themes and characters!

Western Themed Soap Molds - Go western with our themed soap molds!

Shapes Soap Molds - From simple shapes to symbols, these soap molds are practical and functional

Tray Soap Molds - These tray soap molds provide the standard rectangular or square shapes. Just pour and cut down the guide lines.

Soap Equipment

Soap Making Equipment - Making soap is easier with melting pots, scales, and eye droppers

Learn to Make Soap

Soap Making Kits - the easiest way to learn how to make soap is by doing - easy to do kits with complete instructions.

Soap Making Instructions - How to Make Melt and Pour soap - step by step instructions

Soap Making Books for more advanced soap making instructions

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