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Posted by Dana Murphy-Love on 8/1/2017 to Candle Making


Review of Quantum Soy Waxes by EcoSoya Brands, LLC - UPDATED 8/1/2017


Cierra Candles recently received samples of the newly developed Quantum soy waxes.  There are three waxes that can be used for candle applications and one wax that can also be used for bath and body products as it has been dermatology tested.   All waxes come in pastille/pearl form which is easy to scoop and weigh.  Case weight is 45 pounds.  All three waxes have a maximum fragrance load of 18%. 


Here’s our review of the new products.



This wax can be used for container candles, tarts, melts and other applications.  It is great for massage candles and lotion bars as this wax has also been dermatology tested.  This review is only for the container candles, votives and tarts.  We have not yet tested in massage candles or lotion bars. 


It is definitely a soft wax.  Once melted we did do a skin test and it is a beautiful wax, very moisturizing on the skin.


We performed two tests with this wax.


The first test we heated the wax to 185º and added fragrance (Almond) at 10% and no color.  We poured at 160º.  The color of this wax when melted is a dark amber color and we were originally concerned about how the color would cool, but it cooled to a beautiful light ivory color.


We poured this into a Reality Glass Tumbler, a Votive mold, a six-cavity clamshell tart mold and a plastic individual cavity wax mold.  Wicks used were the HTP 1212 for the glass tumbler and HTP 52 for the votives.  This wax didn’t state that it could be used for pillar candles, but we gave it a try anyway with the votive mold. 

This wax set up fairly quickly.  No frosting, smooth tops and great glass adhesion.  Cold throw was excellent and after a 48 hour cure, hot throw was also excellent on all applications.

***Customer tested with 8 ounce straight-sided jars and Eco 10 wicks.  Heated to 185, added FO (10%) and poured at 165.  Even melt pool, and excellent hot throw.  Fragrance was Amber Romance. 

The wax did not come out very clean from the six-cavity clamshell molds, but it did come out very clean from the individual cavity wax mold.  Melts were fairly shiny, however, they did melt quite fast.   I could smell the melts in the burner before hardly stepping in the room.

****One of our customers tests did have the tarts come out cleanly out of the six-cavity clamshells after a 72-hour cure and each tart lasted four days with a full eight hour burn.  Fragrance was Amber Romance.

The votive candle was too soft after setting to pop out of the votive mold, so we stuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then it popped right out.  The finished votive was still solid enough to put in a votive holder and melted well with good hot throw. 

The second test, we added 12% fragrance oil (Sea Glass) and Sky Blue Dye Chips.  Melted to same temperatures as noted above as well as pour temperature.  Same smooth tops, glass adhesion and no frosting.  Cold and hot throw were just as good as adding at 10%. 




This wax can be used for container candles, pillars, molded candles, tarts and melts. 

You can tell that this wax is a bit harder than the Q210.  It took a bit longer to melt and get to 185º.  We again did two tests with this wax, but used color in both tests, and changed the fragrance load.  As with the Q210, smooth tops, no frosting, and great glass adhesion.  Another reviewer at a different company noted that this wax pulled away from their glass. We did not have this experience as we put all of our containers through the dishwasher with no detergent. 


Melts came cleanly out of the clamshell cavity molds as well as the individual wax melt molds.  Votives were much harder than the Q210 and didn’t detract from the plastic votive mold until we put it into the freezer for about 10 minutes, then it retracted enough to pop right out.  It might have retracted enough to pop out if we had let it sit for a few more hours, maybe even overnight.  They had a nice shine to them.


Both cold and hot throw on all applications were excellent, although we did notice a bit of an improvement in hot throw when using 12% fragrance load. 

*****Two customer tests showed excellent results with this wax in containers at 10% FO load.  With the tart testing, one tested with 10% FO and another with 12% FO in the clamshell tarts - both had consistent one tart burn over four days with full 8-hour burns and excellent hot throw. 




This wax is primarily for use in pillar/molded candles, votives, tarts, melts and novelty candles but can also be used for container candles.  EcoSoya notes that sometimes this wax may need a second pour.  We did not have that issue.


It is definitely the hardest wax of the three. 


We only did one test here with fragrance load at 12% and dye chips for color.  The container candle again had smooth top, no frosting, but we did have a small wet spot.  We took a heat gun to it however and afterwards no issue with the wet spot.  The wax melts were very shiny and nice and hard.  They popped out of the clamshell and individual cavity wax molds easily and cleanly.  This wax did retract well enough from the plastic votive mold after setting without having to put it into the freezer.

*****Two customer tests showed excellent results with this wax in clamshells and containers.  One tested with 10% FO and another with 12% FO in the clamshell tarts - both had consistent one tart burn over four days with full 8-hour burns and excellent hot throw. 



In summary, all three waxes are vast improvements over the previous EcoSoya waxes.  It appears that the frosting and sink hole issues have been resolved.  These waxes make beautiful candles.  We would probably not recommend Q210 for wax melts if producing mass quantities. We do recommend this wax for container candles as well as massage candles and lotion bars, etc.  If you are producing smaller quantities of melts/tarts and votives, then this would be a good all-around wax. Q220 works great for both containers and melts/tarts but needs a bit higher fragrance load at 12%.  Q230 is an excellent wax for those that primarily make tarts/melts and pillar candles, but does work nicely in container candles with most fragrances. 

We have changed our review to eliminate the comparisons with EcoSoya's old and new waxes.  This is because these are totally new waxes, produced under totally new technologies.  EcoSoya will not give out comparisons as well.  Because everyone uses different wicks, fragrances, dyes, methods and equipment, as always, testing is going to be key in finding the right wax for your applications.  The review above is to give some guidance as to what we found with our testing as well as testing done by some of our customers. Our customers were not paid for their testing and have given us their honest opinion.


Cierra Candles will be selling all three waxes.  Our pallets are on order and we expect delivery some time in August.  Our prices will be in line with other suppliers.



Date: 7/18/2017
Dana, Thank you so much for this review! I can't wait to order some samples from you to test!
Cierra Candles
7/20/2017 10:33:00 AM
Thank you! We are really excited about this wax!
Mary Seehausen
Date: 7/18/2017
I have a question regarding your review of Q220. I use Wood Wicks in our container candles and have always used 1 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of soy wax because articles I read before testing wood wicks, stated you need to use less fo for the wicks to burn properly. So we use less than 10% which would mean we would not get the maximum cold and hot throw. I now use GW464 and am ready for a change. Do you think the strong fragrance throw we want could be obtained in this wax with the percent we use? Could really use your advice before switching waxes and beginning the testing, testing, testing again. We also make individual wax melts so the Q220 seemed the better fit. Thank you for your time. Mary
Cierra Candles
7/20/2017 10:35:00 AM
Because we have not tested with wood wicks, I'm hesitant to provide a solid answer to your question. We will have the wax available in one pound sample bags when it comes in, so you'll be able to buy that and make a sample batch with the wood wicks. We hope you'll do that and share your experience with us!
Date: 7/18/2017
Thank you for the review. Will you be sending a burst email when these are available?
Cierra Candles
7/20/2017 10:35:00 AM
Yes, we will be notifying everyone that the wax is available. We are excited for it!
Date: 7/25/2017
Any idea on the prices of these new waxes yet? Also, will you be getting in a large quantity of these 3 waxes to start or will we have to jump on your email quickly to get some?
Cierra Candles
7/25/2017 3:43:00 PM
We are still working on pricing, but we plan to be competitive with other suppliers. We will be ordering two pallets of the 210, one pallet of the 220 and one pallet of the 230. I believe each pallet will have around 36 cases. It's difficult to know at this time which of these waxes are going to sell better than the others. We will try to keep up with inventory as demand allows. We are unsure at this time how long it is going to take EcoSoya to fulfill orders they receive. Once we know this information, we'll be able to plan accordingly.
Date: 7/25/2017
When you tested the Q220, did you also use the HTP 1212 for the container candle? I have been using Hemp 1400 wicks, but curious on what wicks seem to be working best with the new waxes!
Cierra Candles
7/27/2017 3:43:00 PM
Yes, we used HTP 1212 as that's what we have recommended in the past with EcoSoya waxes. This proved to be no exception. We did achieve a faster burn pool with the 1212 so we might be able to wick down to HTP 104 with our 8 oz containers, but we haven't tried that yet. We'll post results once we do.
Date: 7/26/2017
Thank You for your thorough reviews of the new EcoSoya waxes ~ I am very anxious to start trying them all! Will you please add me to your email list to be notified when they are available to buy. Thanks again.
Cierra Candles
7/27/2017 3:44:00 PM
Thanks for reading Tamra. You appear to already appear to be on our mailing list so you should receive a notice from us when available.
Date: 8/1/2017
Are you any nearer to knowing when we will be able to buy?
Cierra Candles
8/2/2017 12:19:00 PM
Hello Lu, We have been notified just this afternoon that the wax won't ship to us from EcoSoya until after September 1. They are reporting that this is because of production.
Date: 8/2/2017
Thank you so much for this information- you guys are awesome:)
Cierra Candles
8/2/2017 12:20:00 PM
You are most welcome Tammy!
Date: 8/2/2017
Which one is for wax melts ? Please put me in the list . Thank you
Cierra Candles
8/2/2017 12:20:00 PM
All three can be used for melts, however 220 and 230 aren't as soft as the 210. 230 is the hardest of the three waxes so will melt more slowly for tarts/melts.
Michelle Pine
Date: 8/2/2017
Thanks so much for your reply! Your company is personable and kind! That goes along way ! Can't wait for this new wax! ~~~Shine On Always~~~Michelle from Autumncreeksoyettes.com
Cierra Candles
8/2/2017 2:16:00 PM
You are most welcome, Michelle! Thanks for being such a great customer and trusting us with your supply needs.
Date: 8/3/2017
Curious as to the Burn Rate differences on the container candles in the 210 vs 220 vs 230?
Cierra Candles
8/4/2017 9:16:00 AM
We used HTP 1212 wicks for these test burns and it might have been slightly a bit too much wick for that container. That being said, I didn't specifically test the burn rate but can tell you that the burn rate with the 230 was quite a bit slower as it is a harder wax. Burn rate with the 210 and 220 were about the same. The ROC on the 1212 wicks is 0.23 oz/hr. if that helps any.
Date: 8/4/2017
Which of the new waxes is your customer testers favorite & why? :)
Cierra Candles
8/4/2017 11:18:00 AM
One customer liked the 230 because it was a harder wax and she does a lot of melts/tarts. She liked that wax for containers as well since the hot throw was excellent, but she also liked the 220 and the 210. She would just rather use one wax for all applications. The other customer liked the 220 as she makes containers. She had a small adhesion issue with the 210. Hot throw on both waxes were excellent.
Diana Lauren
Date: 8/16/2017
Have you decided on a date for these waxes to be available to purchase?
Cierra Candles
8/16/2017 8:55:00 AM
Our pallets are supposed to be shipped to us the second week of September, so hopefully mid-September.
LaNette Parker
Date: 8/19/2017
I currently use 444 GB Wax, what ecosoya would be comparison to it?
Cierra Candles
8/28/2017 10:06:00 AM
Hi Lynette, We really cannot compare as these are all new waxes by EcoSoya and there hasn't been enough testing by consumers to advise on this.
Date: 8/23/2017
Hello, Thank you for your review. Did you find any issues with wicks, like mushrooming and flickering? Just wondering how easy are they to wick especially with such % of fragrance oils.
Cierra Candles
8/28/2017 10:24:00 AM
We used HTP wicks and they are known to mushroom so we don't think it nothing to do with the wax or fragrance oils. We do suggest that everyone test their own wicks as many use other types of wicks. We had no issues with flickering.
Date: 8/27/2017
The way I am reading the review it looks like Q220 or Q230 can be used for everything.....containers, votives, tarts and melts. If you were to purchase one, which one would you get for all those products? Or is it best to purchase each for different products?
Cierra Candles
8/28/2017 10:27:00 AM
Hi Jenny, If you primarily do wax melts/tarts, we suggest Q230, but if you do all types of applications, then the Q220 should work just fine. The votives an melts were hard enough in our testing with that wax.
Date: 9/4/2017
Have u found the scent when poured cold throw I think it's called is poor at 12% fO load I am just starting to test by the cold throw seems poor
Cierra Candles
9/11/2017 9:40:00 AM
Hi Patti, In our tests, cold throw was great, but we were using fairly strong fragrances. Just like any other testing with waxes, results will differ depending on fragrances.
Date: 9/10/2017
Have you tried adding color to the Q210, or do you not recommend it? I can't wait to try the new waxes!
Cierra Candles
9/11/2017 9:42:00 AM
Yes, we did add color to the 210 and it holds color nicely!
Date: 9/10/2017
Please call me as soon as Q230 is available . Michelle 732~330~2215 waiting patiently
Cierra Candles
9/11/2017 9:44:00 AM
Hi Michelle, We won't be able to call customers individually when the waxes are available, but we will send an email to all our current customers first when the waxes are available and then a few days later, post on our Facebook pages and other social media.

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